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general icon making challenges
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the community

Welcome to pictured_life! This is one of those communities that aim for helping icons/graphics makers when they're in need of some push or inspiration to their creativity. It's very simple; You go to the themes-post, select one of the 25 possible theme-lists, decide the subject you want to make icons of and drop a comment. There is no time limit, no one to breathe in your neck, and you can take as much time as you want to finish your challenge. Also, the theme-sets are somewhat small, only 15 themes per set, so it's in no means an impossible task to complete. The point is to have fun, and to get some inspiration from the themes.

Interested? Then check out the general guidelines and join the fun ;)

rules and guidelines

· First you need to join the community

· The second step is to go to the themes-post and look through the given setlists. You can pick maximum of three setlists at a time. Of course, when you're finished with those you can come back and choose another three, in fact it's encouraged ;)

· Then you have to choose your subject. It can be anything, a character from a TV-series, a musician, an actor/actress, a comic, a movie, a song, red balloons, eyeglasses, emotions... Let your imagination go wild if you wish so. If your choice is a person, it doesn't have to be limited to only ONE person. You can for example choose two actors together, or two characters from a book. And you are allowed to pick the same subject that's already chosen by someone else.

· Leave a comment to the themes-post, to let us know what your choices are. Please use the following form when posting your selection:
The subject: Whom or what you want to make your icons of. Please be specific, we might not know your chosen subject necessarily. For example if you wish to choose the character of Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, you write here "Legolas [movie: Lord of the Rings]". Or if you wish to choose Till Lindemann from Rammstein you write "Till Lindemann [band: Rammstein]". If your choice isn't a single person, it's still almost the same. For example; From Hell [movie] or Metallica [band].
The chosen theme-set(s): The set(s) of themes you want to choose
Your name: simply your username
Do you want a banner: yes/no. Do you wish to receive a small banner once you've finished, stating you've completed the challenge.

· When your comment is answered, go and make icons! Have fun and let your creativity flow ;)

· When you're done with your icons, or part of them, post them into the community. Fake-cuts and links to another journals are completely fine, but please do not link into a friends-only post in your journal. It's only polite to ensure we can all view the result of your work.

· Please post more than three icons at a time. It's fine to post links to unfinished batches too, but 15 icons isn't that much to post at once either.

· When you're done, comment to the finished challenges -entry so that we can list you in the hall of fame of the ones who managed to finish all the icons. Please again use the following form:
The subject: who or what was your subject
The chosen theme-set(s): which theme set(s) you finished
Link to the icons: link to the post where one can find the finished icons
Your name:your username
And if you wanted a banner, then include also;
Picture for the banner: out of which picture you want your banner to be made of

· All done now. Then go and grab your second challenge ;)

Other things that are good to keep in mind:

· There's no need to be a pro in icon making to participate. The point is to have fun, and maybe manage to develop your skills in graphics making. Don't be afraid to join even if you have no experience whatsoever in making icons.

· If you don't want to make icons, other kinds of graphics are fine as well. Wallpapers, colorbars, banners... Whatever you wish to do. But if you are going to do something else than icons, state so when you're commenting with your chosen subject.

· Don't STEAL icons that other people finish for the challenge! If the icon maker says the icons aren't shareable, then you simply keep your hands off them. Most icon makers mean their icons to be used though, then be sure to just follow the wishes of the one who did the icon you want to use.

· Please only create new icons for the challenge. It's alright to include an old icon of yours in the set if you wish so, but keep the majority of the icons new and finished for the challenge.

· We're a new [and hopefully growing] community, so any kind of promoting is greatly appreciated. We don't demand anything of course, but when you post your finished icons to somewhere else it'd be nice if you'd mention it was done for pictured_life ;) Also, if you're kind enough and want to advertise the community a little bit, you can use the buttons located in the bottom of the profile page. In that case we thank you warmly ♥

· Feel free to join or watch the community even if you only want to see the results of the work of others.

· All links to the finished icons can be found in the finished challenges -entry which includes the hall of fame of the ones who managed to finish ;) Feel free to check out the entry to browse all the results of the icon challenges.

· If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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If you want to affiliate, drop us a comment!


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